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Eugenia Ziginova - fine art film wedding photographer in Paris & worldwide

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My name is Eugenia, i'm a fine art film photographer in Paris & destination specialised in documenting weddings, love stories, happy family moments and personal portraits.

I started my passion at the age of 16, and gained experience while travelling and meeting people from all around the world.

I live in the heart of Paris, France, with my husband Rudy in a Parisian apartment which has a beautiful view on an old church. Rudy has his favourite work but sometimes you can catch us together while capturing your happy moments.

We love to travel and spend time together during sunsets with a glass of good and tasty wine, learn new stuff. We share similar style and preferences about colours, dressings, music, cinema and many others.

I love my job and wish to keep doing it for my whole life. Moreover now that I've found the exact style that corresponds me with film photography.

But above all, my biggest satisfaction is to see the growing value my pictures get among the families through the time,.as with the combination of film photography and digital scanning they keep a feeling of freshness. This is a real and priceless pleasure to create this timeless memories


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