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Surprise proposal in Paris. How to make it right ?

Capturing your proposal in Paris, the most romantic city in the world is a great idea and a dream for most girls, but getting it done the right way can make a big difference. The memory you will keep of it will be much more striking if you get prepared before.

This post will help you to succeed into your beloved saying “YES” in the most unforgettable circumstances, while being caught by my camera for eternity. I will share with you few tips that I’ve learned through my experiences that will help you to ask your truelove to marry in Paris.

Here are the steps you should follow to achieve your dream Paris proposal photoshoot.

The scenario of the proposal photoshoot

We have 2 options:

  • whether I stay fully hidden until the moment of truth (the paparazzi style), which require a great coordination as you need to be correctly oriented to the camera without your precious noticing anything, so I can catch both of you in the best angle.

  • or we pretend to have a classic love story shooting in Paris, but at some moment, unexpected for her, you will reveal her your feelings and expectations. This way makes it easier for me to witness your climax of joy, but the counterpart is that she may be aware of your plan if you talked about it not long ago. This option will still bring the best timeless pictures.

Choose the location

  • There are countless locations in Paris where you can express the most important request of your life. You just have to pick the one that corresponds most to your couple. It can be in one of the Parisian park with their scenic ornament, which will bring a touch of nature (Tuileries, Palais Royal, Jardins du Luxembourg), around one of Paris famous monument, so it will for sure be very classy and recognized at first sight (Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, The Louvre, …), on one of the 37 bridges that cross the Seine river for even more romanticism (Alexandre III, Bir-Hakeim, Pont des Arts,…) or on some original places like a rooftop, or during a boat trip / diner on the Seine river.

  • You need to choose according to your personalities if you want to do this in a more or less crowed area. Will you both be comfortable to and cherish this moment in the middle of the crowd (even though they should be supportive and caring) or would you like to do it in a more confidential atmosphere where do you feel there is just the two of you on earth at this time.

  • The time of the day has all its importance too, as it is on the sunrise that Paris is less crowed and that you have the best light. Whereas on the daytime and the evening, most locations are mostly crowed and don’t necessarily allow to reach the best spot

If you’re looking for a very intimate situation, then you should do it on sunrise. I can recommend the best locations to do it, depending on the season when it is happening.

Get your future fiancée prepared

  • Even if your soon to be fiancée is not aware of it, you need to get her prepared to her best, as this day will mean a lot for her for the rest of her life, she will be disappointed if you didn’t manage her to be perfectly suited for this memorable shooting (and will remind it to you for a long time). So, she needs to be perfectly dressed, as well as her hair and makeup (careful to keep the face clear to be sure I can catch all the emotions). A good way to arrange this is to go for some shopping just the day before, where you can offer her great outfit (try to favour monochrome colours as it looks better on pictures) and tell her that you will be pleased to see her wear it the next day.

  • Put her in a romantic mood, right in the awakening with a bed breakfast and offer her flowers. Tell her that there is an upcoming surprise during this day. It will bring her an excitement and curiosity. In case, you think she will start to understand that something is going on.

Don’t forget yourself, be ready too

  • If your darling is dressed like a princess, you should raise to the same level and dress properly with a suit or a classy jacket and a shirt.

  • Try also to figure out a bit what you’re going to say when you will ask the Big Question. Maybe, you’re good in improvisation and feel better and more natural to find out how to ask just when it’s happening. But if you’re not (and this is true most of the time), take a few minutes and think of how you will bring it (souvenirs, reasons, tender words,…).

  • Indeed, this moment can bring you some pressure that is why it is all the more important to fix all the details before. So, when the time comes, you just have to focus on her. And don’t worry if something unplanned still comes during the great event, you’re with the person you trust most, keep focused on her. In the future this unfortunate event will be remembered as a fun part.

*You may get some help from relatives but better not to have them around when you’re making your tender request, as it may emotionally disturb her and make it harder to focus on you.

The moment

  • Plan and coordinate with your photographer. Whether you choose to have me hidden or following you, we need to be perfectly synchronised for the moment and decide on a specific signal and/or a spot where I will understand that you’re going to act.

  • When it’s happening, keep focus on her, look at her deep in the eyes and give her some space too, so she can feel free with her spontaneous gesture.

And finally, don’t forget the ring!

How did it happen to me? It was on my birth day. It started by a little disappointment as my future husband first brought me to this nice restaurant at the top of the Montparnasse tower, which has one of the most impressive view of Paris from its rooftop, standing at 210 meters high. It was the first time we went there, and I still remember this amazing sunset. I was without my camera, so I was feeling a bit sad that I couldn’t catch it. And I was even more gloomy when he offered me my gift two hours later, at dessert time, as it was a brand-new camera… I still loved my evening anyway. But I didn’t know there was another expected surprise coming.

On the way back, we were almost arrived when he asked the taxi driver to change direction. We spot on the square in front of Notre Dame. It was around midnight, the place was almost empty, we walked till the front of the church where he finally made his proposal. It was so romantic, I cried and said “Yes”. We then went in café nearby where we stayed few hours hugging and kissing, just enjoying the moment.

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